Thursday, April 7, 2016


Come Again...What Did You Just Say? You Just Wanna Hit It?

I need to get one thing straight. I don't throw my beautiful body up in the air like sunshine for everybody to catch a ray. 
So, NO -- playa' I don't need a cobweb cleaner. Seems there's a new fad going around where guys have the audacity to say, "I just wanna hit it."

How degrading! If that’s the case, you mean to tell me you’re too cheap to go pay a prostitute? I heard they got $5.00, $4.00, $3.00 hookers and some will even barter for a dollar cheeseburger. 

After all, it’s the oldest profession in the book and apparently that's the kind of independent contractor you're in the market to hire. My thing is, "Look here sucker, she don’t live over here."

If you’re a single Christian woman and you run into a guy who claims he’s a believer, but then he says something about any kind of “hit it” or “one night stand”… then this major sucker has already disqualified himself to be taken seriously. 

It’s juvenile to make such a foolish request in the first place. Throw his over zealous tail out with the rest of the rotten fruits. 

It will never work out and the two of you will just wind up treating each other like this...

Don't get me wrong. I've made similar mistakes in my past, but I've never taken a guy up on a offer to just "hit it" or have a "one night stand." These type of men are the first ones to say, "I don't want to fall in love." 

Yeah right? I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut because they always do. Next thing you know, you've got a stalker on your hands talking about, "If I can't have you, can't nobody have you." 

He's psycho and there's too many risks. It's just not worth it to get involved with a guy who leads this type of irresponsible lifestyle.

Even when I dated a guy like Fred Johnson, I always knew he loved me. To this day I can still go to him and he will still stop the world and get off for me. 

However, I will admit that there were times when we would had heated arguments, but the two of us got married anyway. Just not to each other. 

I’m writing to encourage all of my Sisters-in-Christ to stay "sucker free" wait on the Lord to bless you with a husband who’s has respect, character, integrity, chivalry, and most importantly, he has love for the Lord. 

If He really does (have a relationship with the Lord), this great man of God will know how to love on you back and enjoy doing so in the process.

I did a search for images on this subject and for some reason I wasn't surprised. This was all too readily available...

Remember ladies,,, don't believe the hype because you're nobody's fool. Insead pray for your husband even if you haven't met him yet. 

Ask the Lord to bless him, protect him, shelter him, meet his needs, and keep him spiritually, mentally, and financially secure while He is in the process of sending him your way. All this nonsense going on in today's society. Don't make no sense...

Just keep on doing the, "sucker free" thang...

When a guy approaches you in a less than ladylike manner, do like Ester and say to him, "Watch it Major Sucker!" 

Tell him to keep it moving...kick rocks...


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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015